Saturday, August 28, 2010

50,000 calories

50,000 calories
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aka:The Data Driven Life

I'm sure there is some psychological insight to be drawn about my desire to look at the numbers. And my desire to make them come out even(ish); I waited until I could run for about 600 calories so that I could cross both the 100 activities and 50,000 calories mark - if I had known I'd be at 419 miles, I probably would have run another mile today.

Psychological insights aside, using tools like RunKeeper and LoseIt work for me for trying to make sure I get my 30 minutes of elevated heart rate per day and don't eat too much saturated fat, doing both of which I'm told improve my odds of staying out of the hospital.

I met with a nutritionist yesterday and in preparation added up all of the calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc. I've consumed since 12/31/2009. I averaged 1,936 calories, 13g of saturated fat, and 195mg of cholesterol per day over almost 9 months. More numbers. More boring.

These milestone-type posts might be sort of lame, but it's a nice journal for me.


  1. Yay numbers. I use and for the same purposes.

  2. One of the best parts of running is tallying the calories...