Thursday, February 11, 2010

... just like Bill Clinton.

That's my new line.

When someone asks about it, I can say it's the same thing Bill Clinton had done.  So anyone watching CNN (here or here), reading Newsweek, or the New York Times will know.

I, not being a former President, did not get two stents.  I only got one.

Also, I am not 63, I'm 38.

Nor did I ever have any, much less quadruple, by-pass surgery.  So there's that.

The idea is the same, but I wouldn't have minded waiting a few more years.  Like until I was 63.  That would have been 25 more years of eating cheese.  Dammit.

I wonder if the ex-President got a copy of his imaging so he, too, has a picture of his ribs and heart and the catheter.  I did.  So there.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled rambling.  Thanks for reading.

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