Tuesday, February 23, 2010

diet coke!

I love Diet Coke.  I drink way too much of it.  My nutritionist asked me how much Diet Coke I drink.  I asked her how much there was.  My cardiologist suggested that since the caffeine raises my heart rate, it might be good to cut back.  However, that would make the list of things I "cut back" on untenable.  The things already on the list:
  • Cheese (and its all-important delivery method: pizza)
  • alcohol (and its vectors: beer, wine, and gin)
  • chocolate (in all its glorious forms: cake, brownies, -chip cookies, injected)  
are very nearly enough to risk a heart-attack (note, Cute Doc disagrees with this.  However, she's washing down chocolate-covered pepperoni pizza with a martini as she says that (ok, not really, but she could)).

So at this point, changing my Diet Coke consumption isn't open for discussion. 

Happily, I am not alone in this sentiment.  My artificially-caramel-colored overlords at the Coca-Cola company are on my side.  Diet Coke and The Heart Truth have joined forces because
A healthy, happy heart is essential to staying extraordinary and making the most of every moment.  Diet Coke and The Heart Truth are partnering to raise awareness for women's heath programs.
So every time I drink a Diet Coke (like now!) I am supporting the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, who, I assume, are working very hard on my behalf to figure out how, not only women, but I, too, can eat more pizza, drink more wine, and celebrate every day with a brownie (and/or chocolate cake).

So, Dr. Smarty-Pants Cardiologist, this Diet Coke is for you.

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  1. Andy - I'm following your blog now...didn't know all this was going on with you til I ran into Leigh. Keep up the good writing...and the good health! Trice